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I came to know Corrie Scheepers when I stayed in his polished  AirBnB apartment in Perth recovering from a scary back op.  At a time when my spirit was diminished by pain and anxious I might not be able to paint again I found comfort in the beautiful carefully detailed space Corrie had created and derived easeful pleasure living inside its aesthetics.  When I returned home I went straight to my studio and painted perhaps my very best emotive abstract “Infinity”.  My special spiritual (as in of the spirit) connection with Corrie continued and inspired me to create some superb new emotive abstracts “Dreaming the Dream” and  “The Far Shore” which captured the dynamics of desire and drive which inform creative ambition.

Corrie is a very special person. Not only can he conceptualize a grand vision but he knows how to bring it to life in the real world with discipline, hard work and focus, as he is doing now with his exceptional Ampersand Estates winery/ boutique distillery/luxury accommodation and memorable wedding venue surrounded by the gorgeous natural beauty of Western Australia’s Southern Forests region. (

In February I travelled to Ampersand Estates to invite Corrie to make a work of art with me using the elements I created especially for our unique artistic interaction.  Here is the work of art Corrie came up with which I call  “and...”     P.S.  I  enjoyed a wonderful stay in his luxurious Settlers’ Cottage along with  a personal wine tasting hosted by Corrie and his Ampersand partner, Melissa Bell.  xxoo Liane   

Cornelis artwork for Wix site.jpg
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