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art-bop aluminium wall art is individually custom-made for you.  Just email Liane at to order. Payment via PayPal. Prices vary according to size and shipping costs.  Your art piece is delivered in a sturdy art box directly to your home. Happy art-bop owners report:  “wow” "beautiful"" "fantastic" "I’m astonished" "outstanding" "your art rocks"  "impressive seamless delivery" "love love love the piece!" 

Liane Shavian lives in Albany Western Australia overlooking Antarctica.  Her art-bop pieces lively up collections in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Florida,  St. Louis, Portland, Walnut Creek, Belmont, Long Island, New York,  Munich, Uruguay, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Albany. 
email Liane about shipping costs and delivery time frame.  To convert inches into cms: 
18"x 24"  = 45.7 x 60.9cm
25"x 30" =  63.5 x 76.2cm
20" x 25" = 50.8 x 63.5cm
20" x 24" = 50.8 x 60.9cm
24" x 24" = 60.9 x 60.9cm



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